The ABC Lower Merion House

The ABC Lower Merion experience allows our scholars to have a boarding school experience in a home-like setting. This setting replicates the experience of a day school, with family meals and resident directors and tutors who gauge the spirits and successes of each student daily and provide individual attention as needed.

A full kitchen is managed by our part-time chef who prepares healthy weekday dinners. Meals are served family style around a large dining room table with students, resident directors and tutors participating.  Dinnertime conversation is lively with talk about the news of the day, school and sports. Guests from the community often drop-by to join the conversation.

Our family atmosphere and frequent interaction with others in the community deliver an important by-product. Our students see that respect for one another and spirited interaction can include teens, adults and teachers, no matter their age, backgrounds or skin color. 

Student’s rooms are all on the second floor of the house with the adult tutors on the third floor and our resident director in a separate apartment in the back of the house. A quite study room is provided on the first floor where nightly study hall takes place. 

Living in Ardmore

The ABC LM house is located in the heart of Ardmore, part of the ‘Mane Line’ region in Pennsylvania.  Ardmore is a vibrant, diverse suburb located just a few miles from Philadelphia. Our house is directly across the street from a park and within a few blocks of a variety churches, shops and restaurants. Our scholars are able to walk about the community to get their hair cut, grab toiletries at Rite Aid or even a snack at the local Wawa.