ABC Staff

Olu Adetiba
Resident Director

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
College: Gettysburg
Interests: Sports, Building Science

Heather Tomes
Head Tutor

Hometown: I grew up in Germany but I consider my hometown Philadelphia
College: West Chester University for both my undergraduate and graduate degree
Interests: reading, traveling, volunteering, snowboarding, hiking, working out, really anything outdoors
Why ABC: In working in the educational field for close to 15 years as a school counselor, I was looking for something additional to add to my everyday life. I have had the opportunity to see firsthand how a one-on-one student/teacher relationship can build a student’s self esteem which then can increase their motivation and love of learning. I believed that when the opportunity to work at the ABC LM house as a resident tutor presented itself to me, I immediately jumped at the chance. I felt that I could help other students gain the confidence to feel proud of their academic performance and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.  It’s been almost five months working with these astounding young men and I have, the boys have added so much to my life. 

Carlos Buenaflor

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
College: LaSalle
Interests: Powerlifting, Technology, Data Science, Basketball
Why ABC: During a student’s journey through high school, having a mentor to guide them is critical.  Whether it is someone to help you learn from your mistakes, pick you up when you feel your lowest, keep you motivated at your highest, or someone to answer questions when you don’t know where to start.  I know I came across each of these obstacles along my journey throughout high school and college and I would not have gotten past them without my mentors.  The ABC LM program gives me the opportunity and privilege to be that person for these students, to share some of my experiences and allow me to guide and push them towards their own endeavors as they prepare for their college and career journey.

Dennis Glenn

Hometown: Philadelphia
Interests: Cooking, Basketball, Cars
Why ABC: I firmly believe in ABC’s mission and I like being here to support the guys in their efforts by serving the best food possible.