ABC Staff

Joyce Cadesca
Resident Director

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
: Columbia BA, Dartmouth MBA
Interests: Home design, financial literacy, entrepreneurship
Why ABC:

I’m an equity advocate who believes that our critical challenge is not an ‘achievement’ gap, but a lack of exposure and access to educational resources.  As a proud ABC alumna who is dedicated to the upward mobility of students of color through intentional programs and preparation, I believe in ABC’s ability to create lasting, positive change in our nation.

Olu Adetiba
Head Tutor

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
College: Gettysburg
Interests: Sports, Building Science

Carlos Buenaflor

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
College: LaSalle
Interests: Powerlifting, Technology, Data Science, Basketball
Why ABC: During a student’s journey through high school, having a mentor to guide them is critical.  Whether it is someone to help you learn from your mistakes, pick you up when you feel your lowest, keep you motivated at your highest, or someone to answer questions when you don’t know where to start.  I know I came across each of these obstacles along my journey throughout high school and college and I would not have gotten past them without my mentors.  The ABC LM program gives me the opportunity and privilege to be that person for these students, to share some of my experiences and allow me to guide and push them towards their own endeavors as they prepare for their college and career journey.