Akili is from Sicklersville, NJ and is currently a senior in our program.  He is a member of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers).  He loves all things Sonic the Hedgehog and created a gaming club at school that currently boasts 60+ members.





Nicholas is from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is a member of the water polo team and DAWGMA, a Lower Merion robotics team. He is interested in engineering and design.






Christian comes to us from Jersey City, NJ and is currently a junior in our program.  Along with carrying an honors and AP workload at school, Christian is a member of the track team and currently holds a leadership position in both track and LMHS’s BuildOn organization.  Christian also serves as co-president of the ABC House Leadership council.




Marcell is from Philadelphia and a new addition to our program.  Marcell has entered our program as a sophomore/junior.  In addition to his honors course work, Marcell is a member of DAWGMA, the LMHS robotics team and also a member of the track team.




Khalil is from Washington D.C. and currently a sophomore in our program.  When he is not busy with his honors course load, Khalil is active in Becton Scholars and is also a member of the LMHS junior varsity basketball team.





Damari comes to us from Washington D.C. and starts our program as a freshman.  Damari serves as a manager for the junior varsity basketball team and plans to run track in the Spring.




Pharell comes to us from Kearny, NJ and is starting our program as a freshman.  Pharell will run winter and spring track and also boxes on the weekends.