Board Members

Executive Board

Holly Morey
Committees:  Finance, Fundraising, House Relations (Chair)
Favorite ABC Experience:  Having dinner at the ABC House

Terri Tyler 
Committees: Academic (Chair), Selection

Leann Ayers 

Board of Directors

Jane Alavi
Committees:  All of them at some point

Leann Ayers
Committees:  Executive Committee, Academic, House Relations

Jason Conway
Committees:  Selection
Favorite ABC Experience:  Being a host parent to Marcell

Paul Elcock
Committees: House Relations, Selection

John Emery
Committees: College (Chair)

Jason Fritz
Committees: Selection

Deashawn Goddard
Committees:  Fundraising, Selection

Julie Hochman
Committees:  Academic, House Relations

Steve Holstad
Committees:  Finance, Fundraising, Selection (Chair)

Evan Schullery
Committees:  House Relations

Paula Singer
Committees: House Relations, Public Relations

Natalie Sondheimer
Committees:  Academic, House Relations