We are THRILLED with our recent House Makeover! Thank you to our business donors, especially Brian Walters of Factotum, Inc., Dan Nemerow of Farryn Electric, Jon Meyer of Nolan Painting, and Sarah Bloom of Sarah R. Bloom photography. Thanks also to our many volunteers who cleaned, painted, decorated, and moved furniture. We could have never done it all so quickly without your hard work and selflessness over the winter break. A special shout out to Volunteer Makeover Coordinators – Melissa Bollmann-Jenkins, Catherine Weaver, and Martha Coakley!


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Makeover Volunteers

Britt Benner
Andreas Bollmann
Reggie and Mike Brown
Alexia Chororos
Guissou Dabiri
Jennifer Haines
Alex, Alicia and Kevin Kopp
Karen Krivit
Lynn O’Connor
Adrienne and Ben Pannell
Debbie Sokil
Tony Stedeford
Bob Weinrieb


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